Japan 2016: Day 6 (Crazy Rides)

Fujisan |

Yeah, so we went to bed at 8:30 but we woke up around 5am…not saying we got out of bed at that time….but that’s when we woke up. It’s amazing how much TV you can watch even when you don’t understand a lick of the language….at 5am.

Breakfast was supplied so we went downstairs for some ochazuke for breakfast and some tea. So warming. Went back upstairs to change because it felt so cold outside.
We took another look out the window to check out Fuji-Q Highland since our room faces it and notice how utterly clear everything is. Pivot our heads to check out Fujisan and OMG it’s clear as hell.

So it’s 8am and we head off to Fuji-Q Highland, which is one station away from Fujisan so, it only takes three minutes and bam, we’re an hour early. The park opens at 9 and we are the first “in line”. Go Chen, the eager beaver!
When the park opened, the line wasn’t long at all and we had our fingers crossed the park wouldn’t be crowded today.

Fuji-Q Highland |

Super Early!

First up, the Eejanaika. Hours, I assume, of reading online recommendations and Chen had our theme park game plan on. “Run” to this ride because it’s the closest of “The Big Four” to the entrance and only lasts two minutes. And a good two minutes they were. We waited less time than we were on the ride. I wish I brought a hair brush..or at least tied up my hair before the ride started. OMG the hair tangles are a very real struggle for dead, bleached hair. Though, I am glad we both nixed all our jewellery – watches, rings, necklaces, dorky passport holders – because all the rides are a big no go if you have those and it would’ve been a pain to remove and replace at every ride. Even big scrunchies in hair were told to be removed.
I think the Eejanaika was the best ride of the day for me.

Eejanaika Fuji-Q Highland |


Ride 2: the Fujiyama. Holy shit, the whiplash involved on this ride. I didn’t think the ride would be so fast and intense considering how low the back rests were. They were mid-back at most and serious spinal cord damage could’ve been had on this ride. If the back rests were higher I would’ve enjoyed this ride more, but I felt like my neck was going to snap and I definitely felt the pain the morning after. The tenderness; I could barely swallow or pivot my head.

Fujiyama Fuji-Q Highland |


Ride 3: Takabashi. Hell to the fkn no. Would not do it again. I thought I got through the Green Lantern at Movie World okay, and then this ride brought back all the trauma. That inverted drop is definitely no. Everything else about the ride was awesome though. Just no. inverted. turns. please.

Takabashi Fuji-Q Highland |


Ride 4: Dodonpa takes off like an on fire rocket, and daymn was it fast! Keep your mouth shut, though because Chen ended up with a squished bug between his eyes.

We did those four rides in about an hour and a half, and because the wait times were next to nothing, my body couldn’t take the nausea. The last ride pretty much sent me over the top. I wanted to ride the Eejanaika again, but I’m pretty sure I would’ve thrown up all over myself.

Oh look, some soft ice ((IC#13 HM#5)…which took us like five minutes to buy because we were so confused by the ingenious system. Buy the ticket at the machine about 10m away, then give it to the staff at the counter, and they make your ice cream. Man, we must’ve looked like crazies not understanding them the first three times they told us what to do. WE KNOW NOW!!!

Ice Cream Fuji-Q Highland |

Milk (duh) and chocolate

MOS Burger for lunch because they have the special Fujiyama burger that’s, apparently, only available at this MOS Burger.

MOS Burger Fuji-Q Highland |

MOS Burger Fuji-Q Highland |

Fujiyama burger and can’t go past a rice burger when I have MOS Burger

There was an issue with me not wanting to do the haunted house because there were literally people walking out of the place in tears and I already wanted to pull out beforehand, but then the staff wouldn’t let him enter on his own so I offered to go, but then what’s that? Fellow foreigners walking into the house and Chen runs after them to see if they can tag along. *Thumbs up* I happily sit instead.
Forty minutes later and apparently it was the lamest experience ever. Post-haunted house research suggests the “revamped” version of the house is much less exciting because the old one was too scary so they had to dial it down to prevent…heart attack? Being sued? Fun? Who knows.

Haunted House Fuji-Q Highland |

Haunted House

There were two other fun rides that were closed for maintenance so we missed out, but we went on this huge-assed water ride with a legitimately big splash – the viewing bridge station had a soaking wet carpet walkway and dripping viewing screen. GET THE PONCHO!!!

Since there were absolutely no lines and it was still early, we went on some of the other rides. Stay away from the Ferris wheel! It is sooooooooooo slooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww…..!! We weren’t sure it was even moving a few times during the ride. The Hamtaro cloud was cute and there was a cycling ride that was fun too. We checked out the Evangelion World and Thomas Land. Both were quite awesome to get the step count up.

Hamtaro Fuji-Q Highland |

Scenery from Hamtaro rides

Fuji-Q Highland |

View from the Ferris Wheel

Thomas Land Fuji-Q Highland |

Thomas Land

Because we weren’t wearing our watches, we ended up leaving the park at 3:30 instead of 4:30 because we hadn’t re-synced our Fitbit clocks to Japan time. We had a whole extra hour to walk around!
On the way back we detoured at the Seven-Eleven again to buy ourselves some instant noodle dinners. We was tired. Walking around this place makes me think of My Neighbour Totoro – the trees are so cute. Every time we walk past a cool looking tree I’d start humming the song where they make the trees grow and do the dance thing. I’m a weirdo.

So it’s 8:30pm again, and that means it’s bed time!

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