Japan 2016: Day 1 (Let the eating begin)

Shinjuku Tokyo |

How is adjusting to this holiday mode so easy, even after no sleep the days before? I should’ve been asleep hours before. It’s the weekend, so that means it’s parental time, but luckily they are bloody late sleepers, so after some quick PABLO cheesecake breakfast, Chen and I headed out to Shinjuku well before the shops were open to do a preliminary scout. After walking the streets, we spot a First Kitchen and decide to have a bite while checking out the Google Map of things we wanted to do nearby.

PABLO Shinjuku |

Glorious PABLO Cheesecake

First Kitchen Shinjuku Tokyo |

Laziest post-cheesecake breakfast

I found calligraphy heaven at Sekaido Art Store. It opened at 9, it was beautifully beautiful. They even had a small Sailormoon section! We spent about 40 minutes and ¥150,000 ($200AUD) in there.

Lucky Camera |

Just a quick window shop at Lucky Camera on the way to Sekaido

Sekaido Shinjuku Tokyo |

*insert heavenly glow*

Sekaido Shinjuku Tokyo |

It’s so beautiful inside.

Sekaido Shinjuku Tokyo |

Traditional brushes

Tokyu Hands finally opened after that so we decided to check it out as well. We were naive to think we’d only spend 20 minutes in there before meeting up with Dad Yee. Luckily, he was running a little late so we ran over to Isetan to browse the food hall. OMG food halls overseas are the bomb. All the gorgeous, glorious foods. I grabbed a custard-filled pig bread because, how could I pass up that face? In addition to chocolates, cabbage & yuzu, ice cream, and Sailormoon, I’m also a sucker for novelty.

Custard Bread Isetan |

Look at that face

Lunch with Dad at this awesome soba place Tominokura (富の蔵) Shinjuku. They do basil-infused soba and finally, they actually give you the stock the soba was cooked in to drink with the sauce at the end. HURRAY!

Tominokura (富の蔵) Shinjuku |

No English!

Tominokura (富の蔵) Shinjuku |

That pot there is the delicious soupy goodness

Tominokura (富の蔵) Shinjuku |

They come as a two stack. One was basil infused, and the other was regular

Tominokura (富の蔵) Shinjuku |

It was actually grinding wheat!


Quick ice cream pit stop (IC#1 HM#1) – my first Hokkaido milk ice cream (¥300) of the trip and I’m already in love. This was on the way to Loft in Ginza where we spent a good hour browsing absolutely everything and buying more than we should’ve. It was a big day of calligraphy splurging.

Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza |

Hokkaido milk & Hokkaido melon swirl soft ice!

Loft Ginza |

Loft Ginza

Loft Ginza |

We went a little crazy with calligraphy stuff here too…along with a lot of other things

On to some pre-dinner sushi at Sushizanmai Yurakucho. Beautiful, fresh ikura and uni – my favourites – as well as a selection of other goodies.

Sushizanmai Yurakucho |

Look out for the giant fish under the bridge

Sushizanmai Yurakucho |

Drinks & starters

Sushizanmai Yurakucho |

Plates of favourites.

Sushizanmai Yurakucho |

Delicious oysters! I’m not usually an oyster fan.

I needed a nap before going out to dinner, so we headed home, but stopped by the Familymart for one of those fancy Haagen-Dazs combinations I saw the night before (IC#2). I’m totally cataloging my ice creams as IC#00 and Hokkaido Milk Soft Ice Creams as HM#00.

Haagen-Dazs Tokyo |

Yup, tasted good.

First dinner at about 8pm in Shinbashi was some shellfish place where you cook your own food and some fancy sashimi. Is the sashimi in Tokyo ever not fancy? I officially love cold, iced oolong tea. Why did I never have this at home?!?! And there was no English on any of the signs or menus and the English menu had no restaurant name! Go Google location history for knowing where I was.

新橋 丸冨水産 |

新橋 丸冨水産

新橋 丸冨水産 |

Cheers! Introducing the parental units.

新橋 丸冨水産 |


新橋 丸冨水産 |

So delicious

新橋 丸冨水産 |


新橋 丸冨水産 |

Lack of miso in this miso soup.

Second dinner for some skewers at izakaya before having some Cremia ice cream [¥500] (IC#3 HM#2). So glad I happened upon it instead of having to go on a hunt for this. Thick, creamy ice cream.

Izakaya Shinbashi |

No English again!

Izakaya Shinbashi |

who would’ve thought cabbage and sauce is so tasty?!

Izakaya Shinbashi |

Skewers and burgs.

Cremia Shinbashi |


On the way home, I talked mom into buying some creamy dorayaki so I could eat some as well. I spotted them on the way out of the station, but didn’t say anything. I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity twice in one night!

Dorayaki Shinbashi Station |

Rockmelon |

Some fancy rockmelon to end the night.

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