Europe 2015: Zurich

Zurich |

The over night bus provided some of the best sleep I’ve had all trip. Chen didn’t quite agree with me on that front, though.

Welcome to Zürich, the most boring place in all the land, not to mention expensive. We arrived at 7 am and headed towards the “hotel” to store our luggage for FIVE FRANCS because it wasn’t check-in time until 3 pm.

Freaking out at McDonald’s was the most exciting event of the day. It cost A$30 for a meal plus an extra burger.

McDonald's Zurich |

The hotel was expensive and there was a serious lack of bar fridge and hairdryer. Also air conditioning, but thank the heavens it’d cooled down a little since Prague. We also decided that we were going to have all our meals from the supermarket because of, you guessed it, how expensive everything was. We bought some sandwiches, but since we didn’t have a fridge to keep them cool, we ended up taping them in bags and then storing them in the bathroom sink filled with water. We are classy like that.

Easy Hotel Zürich |

Of course the highlight of Zurich was hitting up Sprungli and Movenpick ice cream. I had both several times. Plus a little Laderach Chocolates on the way.

Laderach Zurich |

Sprungli Zurich |

Sprungli Zurich |

Movenpick Zurich |

Sprungli Zurich |

Other exciting activities included swan watching for three hours, the watch museum, and having some random pub food that wound up costing about A$100. There was also Rivella; tasty, tasty Rivella.

Swan |

Here, have a swan…one of the many hundred.

Rivella Zurich |

Bar food Zurich |

Bar food Raclette Zurich |

Uhrenmuseum Beyer Zurich |

The last night in Zurich was a little traumatic because I spent the whole time searching Google for Paris and subsequently freaking out about all the potential nasties so I didn’t end up sleeping much.

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