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Everyone’s heard of this crazy place serving the blue ice cream by now. I’m such a sucker for novelty and their fortnightly flavour changes constantly call me back! I’ve been three times now. The most recent, just last night. While they have a staple sea-salt flavour, there a two new flavours every fortnight. At $3.80 a pop, it’s not too bad, but the moment you stack on the toppings it gets a little *cha-ching* – they’re $1.50 each. Your choice of roasted marshmallows, fairy floss, popcorn, and/or pop rocks – but you knew that already.

I asked a bunch of mates because they’ve obviously all tried it as well, about their stand on the sea salt flavour and there seemed to be mixed reactions to it. The Mister absolutely despised it. I wasn’t too hot on it either but didn’t hate it. Others have really enjoyed it. There was some woman there on the first night I went and she was complaining to the women behind the counter in her fake eyelashes, fake tan, fake nails; “Which flavour should I order because I came here the other night and I had the sea salt and it was dithgusthing. I just don’t want anything sweet.”
“Okay, you can try the strawberry cheesecake flavour – it’s a bit sour. The only other one is salted dark chocolate.”
“Oh no, I don’t want the strawberry flavour, and I don’t want anything sweet, what can I try? Just not the sea salt flavour because it was dithgusthing when I tried it last time.”

Major eye rolls happening. /rant

Ok ok. Back to the goods.

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mandatory front door shot

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The Menu

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That doesn’t look like a soft serve!

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Left: sea salt; Right: strawberry cheesecake & salted dark chocolate with roasted marshmallow & pop rocks

The strawberry cheesecake flavour reminded me of froyo. I didn’t hate it, but..I got scared because I’m not meant to be eating yoghurt! The salted dark choc was surprisingly tasty! First time having salted chocolate. Probably wouldn’t have the sea salt flavour again, but it is definitely worth a shot if you’ve never had it. I  think the idea is to tone it down and mix with another flavour if you’re not sure whether you’ll like it.

I do like how smooth the ice cream is though, and that’s very smooth. Don’t usually get ice cream like that in Australia.

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Taro flavour

I’ve never been a fan of taro flavoured anything, except this. Granted, I only had a taste and I’m not sure I could last the whole cone, but it was rather tasty.

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Mandarin flavour

Mandarin flavour? More like candy flavoured. I’m not well versed in mandarin flavoured foods, but this tasted nothing like mandarins; it tasted like candy and it was delicious!

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I was mildly bummed I missed out on the watermelon flavour, but heelllloooooooo tofu!!! That’s right, tofu, and it was delicious! OOoooooohhhhhh Maaaaaaaaannnnnnnn, this reminded me of the tofu fa desserts and I’ve got to say it’s been my absolute favourite of all the flavours so far! It’s a bit icier and less smooth than the other flavours, but it’s definitely amazing! I would say get down there and try it before you miss it!

I’ll definitely be back in the future to try more of the different flavours, but I’m going to be a tight arsed Asian and bring some of my own pop rocks! HAAAAAAAAH!!!

Oh by the way, the cones are huge, much more content than other ice cream parlours, and I’m always stuffed after scoffing one.

8 out of 10

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501 George Street (Regent Place)
Sydney, NSW 2000
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Sunday – Saturday: 12:00 – 22:00

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