Sunday Cheat day at La Maison de L’eclair

La Maison de L'eclair |

Sunday was warm, very warm. Since it was sunny and forecast to hit above 33°C The Mister and I (mostly me) decided we’d hit up Bondi since we’ve only visited a handful of times as well as collect some vitamin D for my skin. Bondi’s just seemed out-of-the-way and I always imagined it’d be bustling with people – surfies, tourists, and eastern suburbs snobs. Wrong! The train trip there was quiet. Ahhh…non-crowded trains are a rare sight coming from the inner west.

We did a little “level surfing” before grabbing a quick lunch there. The Mister is an avid biker so he insisted on checking out Bondi Bikes. Only a ten minute walk from the Westfield. Perfect distance for an after lunch walk. Surprised to walk past a trio of shops/cafes while on the way there – Naked Foods Organic Health Foods, Super Food, and Paleo Cafe. Didn’t expect to find something so Newtown-ish there. Checked out both Naked Foods and the Paleo Cafe. Interesting!
Bondi Bikes was…anticlimactic. It was just a hole in the wall. We walked in and the staff didn’t even acknowledge us. Yes, they were with a customer, but there was not smile or nod or anything when they made eye contact with us. We did a once over and the shop looked bare. The Mister was unimpressed to say the least. He wanted out. Luckily there was a 99 Bikes right next door. He was happier in there.

Now that he had his bike fix, it was time to walk on over to ECLAIRS TOWN! I’ve been wanting to visit this place for a while now, but since The Mister is into routine, we never ventured out! Well, I decided to drag him out this time! WORTH IT!!

Macarons are so last season. Eclairs are where it’s at. Actually, I never fancied macarons; never understood the hype. Eclairs, however, are a whole different story. I’ve always been a fan! We trekked the 30 minutes to the shop – gotta preemptively work off those calories! This was just before 2pm so it was nice and steamy in the sun on the way there. Thank glob for having carried water!

We were across the road when The Mister spotted the shop. I have terrible eyesight. Probably why I constantly take blurry photos. D:

La Maison de L'eclair |

We made it!!!

This place is SO much better than I imagined. This place is dessert heaven. This place is best! I feel rorted that I had lunch before we showed up here! They have lunch/savoury eclairs and they have breakfast and lunch sets! Can I please come back next week and try again?

La Maison de L'eclair |

Lunch eclairs? Also omlettes? YUP!

La Maison de L'eclair |

Is this what heaven looks like?

The eclairs come in large and mini sized. I had to get mini’s because I wanted to try more than one! The Mister was pressured into buying one too…I helped him eat his, don’t worry.

LOOK AT THEM! I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth in. I have an aversion to coconuts…but when it comes with lamingtons I absolutely love them. No qualms whatsoever. No really, who would have a problem eating these?

La Maison de L'eclair |

Aussie Pride. Lamington and Snickers mini eclairs

La Maison de L'eclair |

Mixed Berries Large Eclair

The first bite into the lamington eclair was divine. I was surprised with the taste. It was light and fluffy, filled with custard which is nearly as good as a cream-filled lamington. My other eclair was a mini snickers. Tasted mildly of snickers and peanut butter. Not quite what I was expecting – I was imagining the taste would be something like the Snicker’s Pods peanut flavour. It wasn’t as sweet as I’d thought so that was a plus. The fresh red berries eclair was reminiscent of a fruit tart with a lovely soft base and no goop that usually accompanies a tart or flan.

La Maison de L'eclair |

Look how long that counter is!


What are you still doing? Get on over there! If you’ve already been…GO BACK! Take me with you and let’s try EVERYTHING there!

Psoriasis Effect:
Not so much. May have been from a week of bad eating. Just one new spot. Mostly going well and strong thanks to lots of sun activity and exercise.

8 out of 10

La Maison de L’eclair
91 Bondi Road, Bondi
Website | Facebook

Opening Hours:
Monday: Closed
Tuesday – Thursday: 08:00 – 16:00
Friday: 08:00 – 18:00
Saturday: 07:00 – 18:00
Sunday: 8:00 – 17:00

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