Tag: photography: animals

[Wordless Wednesday] 9.05.12 Sleepy Owl

Just a sleepy Tawny Frogmouth at Featherdale Wildlife Park, NSW. Maybe you can spot him if you squint really hard. Loving its perfect camouflage!

[Wordless Wednesday] 2.05.12 Seagull

Seagulls will never stop looking creepy. Their stares seem to burrow right into your soul. They sure do look evil! Photograph taken at Ettalong Beach, NSW Central Coast

[Wordless Wednesday] 25.04.12 Lazy Kangaroo

Spent the day at Featherdale Wildlife Park, NSW, Australia. Surprisingly big and entertaining! Perfect sunny autumn day for it too. All the animals were just lounging around in the sun.

[Wordless Wednesday] 21.03.12 Puppy Dog Eyes

Cute little dog trying to sniff out the camera. Nose pressed up against the lens and everything. I assume he is an English Shepherd. Should really take note of animal…