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Fujisan Station Hotel | www.rubyyee.com

Japan 2016: Day 5 (Rest day)

It was a good day for sitting on multiple trains instead of walking around. My feet needed the rest. A quick breakfast at home, some last minute ramming junk into…
Chibiusa Cafe | www.rubyyee.com

Japan 2016: Day 4 (The best morning)

Today is the day!! It's time to head over to the Chibiusa cafe! First, we needed to shovel down some breakfast to prevent mumsplaining. I don't know why it's forbidden…
Fujiko F Fujiyo Doraemon | www.rubyyee.com

Japan 2016: Day 3 (Fandom fun)

Gotta start the day off right with some pizza flavoured chips I got suckered in to buying the night before. They were.......not tasty at all. Mum Yee doesn't like it…