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Peanut Butter Cupcakes | www.rubyyee.com

Peanut Butter Cupcakes

After first being lazy and then being incredibly ill, I'm back in the kitchen! Ever have one of those hours or days where you're just craving something and you don't…
Daisy's Milkbar | www.rubyyee.com

Daisy’s Milkbar is adorable

It was Good Friday, and we'd wasted the morning checking out quite possibly the worst sunrise possible. It was 99.9% cloudy. First light was just one giant light box and…
Aqua S | www.rubyyee.com

Novelty at Aqua S

Everyone's heard of this crazy place serving the blue ice cream by now. I'm such a sucker for novelty and their fortnightly flavour changes constantly call me back! I've been…
Tiny Sweetie | www.rubyyee.com

Tiny Sweetie feels like home

A Hong Kong dessert place? YES! I went on a Google-spree trying to find Hong Kong dessert places and so glad this popped up in the search! I kept trying…
Teddy's Place | www.rubyyee.com

Come down to Teddy’s Place

Another gelato shop! Looks like gelato and burgers are where it's at in Sydney these days. They're a dessert bar "with a healthy twist". 878