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Hartsyard | www.rubyyee.com


Long time no post; I've just been busy procrastinating. A (long) while ago a few mates ventured out to try Hartsyard, finally. Not my mates, but Chen's mates - I…
One Tea Lounge & Grill | www.rubyyee.com

One Tea Lounge & Grill

Let's just start by letting you know this is a lot of picspam because finally someone, AKA Samantha Lin (check out her write up here), was taking more photos than…
Devon by Night | www.rubyyee.com

Devon by Night

It's nice to head out for dinner with more than just The Mister sometimes, and Devon by Night is the perfect location to have a few friends with you. 1093
One Seed Patisseries | www.rubyyee.com

One Seed Patisseries

Sometimes you just gotta have dessert for breakfast and when I saw images of all the lovely cakes available at One Seed Patisseries, I knew this was one of those…