Category: Dessert

Tiny Sweetie |

Tiny Sweetie feels like home

A Hong Kong dessert place? YES! I went on a Google-spree trying to find Hong Kong dessert places and so glad this popped up in the search! I kept trying…
Teddy's Place |

Come down to Teddy’s Place

Another gelato shop! Looks like gelato and burgers are where it's at in Sydney these days. They're a dessert bar "with a healthy twist". 878
Swiss Bakerz |

Delights at Swiss Bakerz

It's hard to wake up early enough to try new breakfast places sometimes, but this year The Mister and I are making an effort. It took a while to finally…
La Maison de L'eclair |

Sunday Cheat day at La Maison de L’eclair

Sunday was warm, very warm. Since it was sunny and forecast to hit above 33°C The Mister and I (mostly me) decided we'd hit up Bondi since we've only visited…