Travelling with Psoriasis

Travelling with psoriasis |

I’ll be heading off for a month-long vacation to Europe in a couple of days with The Mister…and my psoriasis. Guaranteed I will eat and drink inappropriate things so it’s only natural that flare-ups and general dry skin are always on my mind during the packing process which usually starts about two weeks early because I’m a freak like that. Shh…I like to make a list, lay things out, check the list, switch things out, double check everything, and then finally pack everything up the night or two before.

Here are a list of all the lovely and not so lovely things I always take with me…

Carry on:

  • Evian Facial Mist
  • Sorbeline is great for face and body
  • Empty water bottle to fill up after customs
  • Lip balm – the first thing I do when I get on that plane is whack on the lip balm
  • Toothbrush and paste – oral hygiene has a potential effect on psoriasis!
  • Telfast in case I am feeling suddenly itchy on the plane

Checked baggage:

  • More Telfast
  • Ample creams and lotions – need to keep those lesions at bay
  • Eye cream
  • Face cream
  • Mystery pills from the acupunturist
  • Mystery ointment from the acupuncturist again
  • Typical steroids just in case I need something a little stronger
  • Shampoo – I bring a shampoo I know won’t irritate my scalp
  • Sunscreen
  • Face wash and a manual facial brush because I’m not lugging my Clarisonic around with me
  • Vaseline

Hopefully with all the arsenal I can keep all the nasties at bay, if not…I can always get a massage to help relax, I am on vacation, after all.

How does your arsenal look when going on vacation?

Look forward to some posts about my travels when I return!

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