Soy milk vs soy milk for psoriasis

Soy Milk vs Soy Milk |

Confusing title? Yes, and no.
There’s a difference between soy milk and soy milk, as I’ve discovered.

Soy Milk |

Soy Milk

Soya Drink |

Soya Drink

Here is what they look like! Left and right!

For convenience sake, I will call the left Soy Milk and the right Soya Drink.
I grew up with Soya Drink and had it often; very often – in fact, it was my junk drink of choice! Soy Milk, however, I only started drinking in my early twenties. One has been very neutral and hasn’t caused any flare-ups, the other has wreaked havoc on my system and my skin. Can you guess which one?

Let’s check out the differences in ingredients between the two:

Soy Milk Soya Drink
filtered water
soy protein (3.5%)
corn maltodextrin
vegetable oils (sunflower, canola)
cane sugar
minerals (calcium, phosphorus, magnesium)
acidity regulators (332, 450)
antioxidant (ascorbic acid)
vitamins (A, B12, D2, B2, B1)
natural flavour
soya bean extract (soya bean extract water)(93%)

You starting to see the difference now? I understand we may need some added extra goodies in our milk substitute, but really? What even is “natural flavour”? I thought soy comes with a pretty natural flavour on its own. Okay, so I just had to google what corn maltodextrin is…so on top of cane sugar, they’re adding more sugar; is that really necessary? The overall concensus is that maltodextrin should be avoided because it can be as bad, or worse, than sugar!

I was baffled as to why my skin kept breaking out when I knew I was keeping my food clean. I’d Soy Milk a few times and hadn’t put two and two together. It wasn’t until some time last year that I finally realised because I had cut absolutely everything from my diet, only to restart on Soy Milk and a week later have some of the worst flare-ups and itchy skin I’d had in a long while. I had Soy Milk instead of regular ol’ Soya Drink because, honestly, Soy Milk is just easier to come by – I’m not visiting Asian grocery stores very often these days.
I’ve since gone back to Soya Drinks and my skin is lovely (as lovely as it can be).

What has your experience with soy and soy products been like?


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