Consequences after a week of indulgence

Last week was bad but good…only not good, but really bad—so good it was bad! I spent the week gorging myself on everything I could get my hands on. Dietary restrictions flew out the window along with treatments. I’d been doing well until then. Fat, sugar, dairy, gluten, nightshades, everything was back! Let’s recap, shall we?

It was generally healthy lunches and dinners during the working week. Although, I may have gone a little overboard with the sweet potatoes—I haven’t figured out whether they’re okay for me or not. At first I thought it may have been zucchini or squash, but I’m not so sure now. Will have to get back into the swing before I can attempt again. Back to the point, lunches and dinner were healthy; chocolates, chips, and cookies were not. YUP, delicious yummy junk food—mistake number one.

Since I’m on a burger hunt this year, I decided it would be a great idea to hit up two burger joints this week. Usually one burger every three or four weeks doesn’t cause many issues with me, but two in a week, plus more garbage surely set me off. Thursday dinner was where the week really began declining. Burger joints – meat, fat, sugar, deep-fried goodness. I went there. Everything on the menu looked so wonderfully tasty and I didn’t even get a burger; just deep-fried chicken. After a massive fatty dinner …dessert!! We just had to try it, this new soft serve place opened and it’s been the talk of the town. Naturally, I had to try it out. Welcome Friday, and a big tasty bowl of salty, delicious ramen…and let’s not forget some gelato afterwards!
Saturday was a long day and I ended up skipping my acupuncture session. I’m not sure how much acupuncture is helping, but it’s just one more thing different and potentially wrong I’d done this week. Top all that off with a humongous burger and potato fries smothered in gravy and the weekend wasn’t even over yet! I did manage to get some shopping in on Saturday, and I’m sure that helped! Sunday started off…well. Managed to fit a quick swim in before having a cinnamon scroll and yoghurt plus muesli for brunch. Dinner was chicken with BREAD STUFFING which, by the way, tasted absolutely incredible.

So, there is my week of indulgence. I also skipped taking all my supplements and skipped topical treatments a few times. There were so many changes and wrongs last week I don’t even know what caused the flare up and the itching! I was great while I was indulging, but not so much this week while I’m paying for it. I have used an app called My Fitness Pal and I think when I become lazy with updating what I eat is when I start not paying attention to what I eat because I think I can get away with it. I need to be more diligent with entering foods and I just need to take everything in moderation. Cannot completely cut myself off with my vices otherwise it may cause another huge binge in the future!

This week it’s back to salad lunches, no carbs, small amounts of chocolate, and just lots of fruits. Back to taking supplements, hopefully, can sneak in an acupuncture session on Saturday. We’ll see how it goes…Chinese New Year celebrations are difficult to avoid indulgences (especially when my parents are involved because they like to monitor the shit out of my food habits).

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