Psoriasis: weight gain struggles

Back to speaking about this healthy psoriasis diet. Let’s make this short. I haven’t been updating about the kinds of foods I’ve been eating mainly because it’s just super boring and I’m really not so sure this diet is doing my skin any favours. My itching hasn’t really subsided or lessened since I’ve been on this diet.
One major problem I’ve had is the weight loss. Even though I was never overweight, in the back of my mind I always thought maybe if I lost some weight my psoriasis would ease up. Also, because society has always told women they’re not thin enough. Nope. Denied. Psoriasis is still as terrible as ever. I’m now frantically attempting to gain some weight back, but with this diet I don’t know if that’s possible. I’m trapped eating vegetables, white meats and fish. I’ve dwindled away and although I eat as much as I can, nothing is really helping. I have my natural weight fluctuations, so sometimes when I step on the scales I get excited I’ve gained a kilo, but then I remember I had a ton of watermelon just before weighing myself. The next morning, I’m back down. I’m keeping a calorie log with My Fitness Pal and most days I’m meeting my required calorie intake. Some days I go over and some days I’m under. I’m at my wits end at what I can do to gain weight. Maybe I should just eat butter.

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