Psoriasis: feeling deflated

This is my back

A couple of days ago I began to feel seriously deflated about my skin. Since change my diet three weeks ago in hopes of helping with psoriasis I hadn’t really noticed any improvement in my condition. At first there was a slight difference; after about two or three days I noticed I didn’t itch much at all, and that was it. After that more lesions began forming at a faster rate than ever before, plagues that were already there started growing and my scalp began itching and flaking like crazy.

I mean, I wasn’t hoping this diet would be some amazing miracle cure, but I at least hoped it would ease my psoriasis even mildly, but it just feels like it’s getting worse. What’s the point of depriving myself of all the foods that I love if my skin isn’t getting better in the least?

Am I doing this wrong or what? I haven’t been sticking to it 100% religiously, but how can such a small amount of chocolate cause crazy issues like this?

Here’s the things I’ve eaten:
Tuna, salmon, chicken, turkey, lamb
Spinach, asparagus, sweet potato, pumpkin, round beans, broccoli, carrot, kale, flaxseed, bok choy, Chinese broccoli, garlic shoots, ginger, shallots, onions
Melons, blueberries, pears, cherries, bananas, apples, nectarines
Salt, pepper
Minimal rice
Quinoa, omega 3 supplements, evening primrose oil, some weird alternative medication my Chinese doctor gave me (which I’ve now run out of), K2 and D3.
Pomegranate juice, probiotic drink
I’ve stayed away from red meats, dairy, soy, gluten, nightshade vegetables, tree nuts and citrus fruits.

I had a very depressing day, I couldn’t concentrate on work and I just wanted it all to go away. I spent the evening crying and eating junk food. I decided to head up some forums to see how others were handling everything. There were words of support and just speaking with people who understood my condition was comforting. It was just insanely disheartening that I’d been attempting to correct it and actually trying new alternative ‘treatments’ but it my condition was still worsening! I thought about going back on the topical ointments, but ultimately I’m going to stay away from them…for now.

I just need to have some more chocolate and suck it up. Learn to relax and think positive!

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