Psoriasis: Diet Restriction Weakness

It was going well, so well; then last night I caved. I really needed a carb hit! I just felt hungry all day! One tiny cube of chocolate and two Vita-weat biscuits later I still wasn’t satisfied! I needed my rice hit. From having rice 99 days out of 100 to absolutely nothing – cold turkey style – is seriously challenging. Last nights rice binge was me falling completely off the wagon an into a big vat of remorse. It wasn’t a small bowl of rice – it was HUGE; probably one of the larger portions I’ve had in my adult life, and it was the most satisfying sensation I’ve experienced in a long time. Today, though I’m paying the price. I’m not exactly sure which of the three no-nos from yesterday is causing this intense itch, but I’m guessing it’s not the chocolate since it was such a tiny portion. Now that I’ve been treated to the aftermath I’m seriously regretful but also hopeful. Even after one week on this diet I can see, because of yesterdays adventures, that this diet really is helping my skin and that makes me more determined to stick this out instead of quitting and going back to my junk eating ways. I may not be the strictest when it comes to this diet, but I know that every bit helps and if I’m clear of all the foods I shouldn’t be eating 98% of the time, then I’ve got a chance at beating this thing.

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