Psoriasis: Winter Woes

With winter in full swing, the weather becoming ever colder and the winds drier psoriasis outbreaks have become unavoidable. Winter is generally the time I try out new options for treating my psoriasis as I seldom use prescription topical creams and ointments nowadays. 2012 has proven to be a somewhat “good” year so far, I will attribute this to lower levels of changes in my surroundings and less stress (whatever that means). It being a “good” year doesn’t mean I’m not getting new blotches ever second day. I thought the brunt of the cold was over, but it seems I forget that every year August brings the coldest nights and strongest winds. While, I do continue to have new outbreaks every few days, this year has been far better than earlier years.

My winter habits are much different to the carefree summer days.

  • Steer clear of even a single drop of alcohol. Don’t want to be suffering for two weeks for one night of fun,
  • Since the brittle winter winds counter the benefits of sitting in the sun, I make sure to “light up” with a UV light for a minute or two each night,
  • Switch up my shampoo and conditioner for tar and sea salt options,
  • Stock up on the water to keep hydrated,
  • Make certain that no wool products are touching my skin directly as this irritates my plagues to no end. It’s 100% cotton all the way,
  • Walk, walk, walk. I’m not an exercise person, but walking keeps my circulation good and keeps me fit. That makes my p happy,
  • be more conscious of the food I’m putting in my mouth (more veggies/fruits),
  • Don’t stress!

Yes, it’s difficult to keep psoriasis under control, but every little bit you do helps!

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