The Psoriasis Diet…

Psoriasis and Diet

…sort of.

Saturday was the start of my, hopefully successful, detox diet. From all that I read on the internet, it appeared that diet greatly affects the severity of psoriasis outbreaks. I decided to dramatically change my diet in hopes that I too can reap the benefits. The one thing I struggled with most is the lack of rice. I’ve had rice every night for dinner for the past 24 years of my life and was such a drastic change, I just couldn’t survive.

Knowing that I’d have to live with a no meat, no dairy, no rice, no bread, no citrus, no nightshade veggies diet, I decided to go for one last splurge at Maccas and treated myself to a Medium Big Mac meal. I’ll probably be paying the price for the next two days. Worth it.

It couldn’t’ve been a more perfect day to start my diet. The sun was blazing and while I was enjoying my last meal, I soaked up plenty of rays to calm my psoriasis. I love the sun and it’s healing powers…with the exception of causing me tiny outbreaks of eczema for about 48 hours, but that’s something I’m more than happy to live with.

Let’s get to it. I’d previously researched what I should and shouldn’t eat and always considered such a diet, but the time never came. It’s finally here.

Dinner: Miso soup (with some carrots)
Tuna and beans salad with celery, cucumber, mushrooms and broccoli

It wasn’t much of a looker but did the job of filling me up and I am in love with miso soup any way so that’s all good. To wash it all down, I took a round of flax-seed and vitamin e oil tablets.

Breakfast: Quarter glass of soy milk and muesli bar

Grabbing a soy milk before heading out to a mid-morning swim with the sun shining in all its glory, this was another perfect day. After swimming for an hour and a half and receiving a lovely little tan, I ate a muesli bar. I’m never much of an eater before or straight after exercise. The lack of carbs the night before really made my swimming experience painful. I’d never felt so tired after swimming before, but chalked it up to mild sun stroke.

Lunch time came around and I had the left overs from dinner the night before and then proceeded to sit in the sun to read for about an hour or two – soaking up as much as I could – all lathered up in sunscreen. It’s difficult to think what to make for dinner that would be sufficient without any carbs, but somehow we managed for Sunday night dinner and it was lovely.

Dinner: We had seared salmon fillet with stir fry (round beans, broccoli, carrots) and mushroom and tofu soup.
Dessert – because we all love dessert – was fruit salad (nashi, blueberries, nectarines, apples) with honey and soy yoghurt. Mmm…

Breakfast: 1 banana, 1 nectarine
Lunch: Left overs from Sunday Dinner
Dinner: Basa Fish with a small handful of brown rice, bok choy and stir fry

Breakfast: wheat-free, gluten-free cereal (surprisingly delicious!!) with soy milk
Lunch: Left overs from Monday Dinner
Dinner: Tuna and avocado with broccoli and cucumbers

Breakfast: wheat-free, gluten-free cereal with soy milk
Lunch: Tuna and cucumber

While I had been hopeful that my psoriasis would feel better, that is very much the opposite of what happened. I have only been on this ‘diet’ for four days, but with these results I can’t bear to stay on it any longer. If it just doesn’t feel right, then I needed to reassess!
I realise that changing my diet wouldn’t work miracles, but I also didn’t expect my skin to feel so terrible in just four days of the diet. It is much worse than when I started, and perhaps the placebo effect with the sun took hold of me on the Saturday and Sunday. Come Monday and everything started going downhill – quickly. When I arrived home on Monday my plagues were crusted over, swollen and red; this is something that rarely happens to me at all and if it does happen, it’s in the dead of winter. Perhaps it was just dehydration, I told myself, but Tuesday and the itching was unbearable and I didn’t want to go to work, but thought better of it as I could get some sun during my lunch break, to and from work. Today, I barely arrived at work before clawing at myself so ferociously that I broke the skin. Instead of cutting all the foods out of my diet, I will just eat in moderation and switch where I can. White to brown rice, soy milk, organic meats, reduce nightshades and junk food, increase water and fruit intake, and keeping up fitness. Hopefully that is all it takes.

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  1. Suhein Beck

    Hello Ruby, I just read your blog entry regarding your psoriasis diet and the aftermath flare up. Sorry about that…ouch..I just recently became familiar with this disease and have been talking to countless people. About a year ago I started selling my grandfather’s skin ointment at the Palm Springs Streetfair as a moisturizer. Customers came back to me telling me they used it for psoriasis and other skin conditions and that is how I learned so much about the devastating affects of this condition. I started taking pictures of before and after and they reported back to me their own observations.
    Along with cutting out acid based foods and reverting back to a more alkali ph, they found much better results that way. I’ve come to my own conclusions as well and I like to point the finger at the liver. Consider detoxing liver, kidney, and full colon flush. Absolutely NO alcohol. Lots and lots of water with lemon juice. Also Dr. Braggs organic apple cider vinegar 1tblspn straight up in the morning – yeah don’t curse me when you do that! Strangely enough the lemon and the vinegar although they are highly acidic, they immediately alkalize upon entering the body!?!? I don’t know how but they do and that serves as multi-tasking warriors in your system.
    I have become fascinated with this mysterious puzzle and especially when people come back and tell me they’ve gotten relief with this emollient, I seek people who are willing to try and then provide me with their honest feedback as well. Please know I am not soliciting “a sale” , but rather hoping to connect so we can both possibly gain and then help others.
    You are welcome to view my website at or contact me directly.
    Suhein Beck

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