[Books] Harry Potter: A Wizard is Born!

Harry Potter Book SeriesJumping on the Harry Potter bandwagon (finally), I read the first two books. I had the books borrowed from a friend for a good two years before I decided to do anything with them. They were sitting in the corner collecting dust while said friend continued nagging me to read them. It wasn’t until I bought my eBook Reader that I was even remotely interested in “picking them up” and reading them. My 2012 goal, 52 books in 52 weeks, probably helped with the new-found motivation. These two books were number 4 and number 5. I never thought I’d be one to enjoy these books, but I found The Philosopher’s Stone was an easy, pleasant read. It never once felt tedious or had me wishing I’d chosen a different book to pick up. The Chamber of Secrets, however, was another story (no pun intended).

The Philosopher’s Stone
I must say I rather enjoyed this book more than the movie, as similar as they are. Simple though the language may be, world and characters created in this book are wonderful. The plot was engaging and found myself being drawn in – I could hardly put it down! Luckily it was a short book! Most children dreamt to be gifted with magic at one point or another and reading this book revived those dreams. Straightforward as it may be, this is definitely one for both adults and children alike.

The Chamber of Secrets
Nothing exciting really seems to happen in this book. Many times I wished the book could’ve been about 200 pages shorter. Mind you, it’s only about 300 pages. Perhaps, my feelings of dislike stemmed from having watched the movies prior to the books and remembering how much I hated Dobby in the second movie. Why couldn’t he just shut up in te beginning when Harry Potter asked him to? Why couldn’t he just go away?
There were times when I couldn’t understand why certain things happened. Surely, if the entrance to Platform 9¾ were blocked by Dobby Ron’s parents would’ve discovered he and Harry were not behind them and gone back to retrieve them which, should be of no difficulty for them. With Gilderoy Lockhart being as incompetent as he is, why Dumbledore even bothered placing him as the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher is baffling. Why waste the students’ time with learning everything about Lockhart? Would they not be better off learning nothing than learning everything incorrectly?

I have yet to read the other books because, well, I don’t really want to after the second book. I couldn’t wait to finish it and now I’m on to other books I enjoy more.

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