Psoriasis and Wheatgrass

I’d heard many times in the past that wheatgrass works miracles. From weight loss to curing cancer (maybe even creating world peace). Having tried many “treatments” with minimal results, I was reluctant to start something new – again. Living under the same roof with a crazy, chain-smoking mother didn’t exactly do wonders for my skin; add to that, her incessant need to use me as a guinea pig and my condition worsened. She had her mind set that I needed to have the wheatgrass. We purchased the Manual BL-30 Juicer with a Wheatgrass growing kit. Within a fortnight everything had arrived at our doorstep; juicer, seeds and growing trays. All we needed now was the dirt and then, hell would ensue.

It took about 14 days for the seeds to sprout and finish growing. They required constant watering and care – birds were continually attacking the seeds and feasting on them. Annoyance. They were harvested and juiced.
Catching a waft of the grass from the juicer, which then continued to engulf the entire kitchen I wanted to faint already. Tasting it was unbearable. I wanted to mix other juices with it, but mother refused to let me “taint the healing powers”, so I downed it in one wretched gulp. (“We” later discovered the wheatgrass should not be taken as is and required diluting but more on that later.) Quickly gargling and thrusting slices of orange down my throat, I tried to wash out the aftertaste. Within ten minutes I had an awful feeling of nausea; the room was spinning, I couldn’t stand straight. Next thing I knew, I was rushing off the lavatory to hurl my insides out. Since the wheatgrass was recommended to be taken on an empty stomach, I stood there arched over the bowl with my gut wrenching; attempting to expel the poison I’d just ingested.

“This will just be a one-off. Your body’s not yet accustomed to how natural the grass is,” mother assured me. A week later, after drinking 100mL of this each morning, I was still puking my insides out. (No point sugar coating this, since it was terrible and even for me [the sugar-obsessed] sugar would’ve provided little relief.) I lay in bed at least three hours every morning (not as luxurious as you’d think) waiting for the queasiness to pass – not the best way to spend one’s holidays. Two weeks and still nothing changed with the nausea. The skin – that had changed. Fresh outbreaks erupting all over my skin, the plagues I already had began to grow, the itching …they itched! Obviously mother thought it was “my body clearing itself of toxins” and who was I to argue? How could I possibly know how my body felt over her apparent wisdom?

Off I continued on this wheatgrass battle for another 3 months. I could take no more after that; the nausea, the itching, the vomiting, the outbreaks of death. Having started classes again I spent most of the 30 minute train journeys trying not to throw up on other passengers. Often I’d miss morning classes as the room was spinning too much for me to step out of the house. Other times I’d make it to the arrival platform only to faint and have to turn around.

Since that time, I tried wheatgrass again for another 2 months. The same ailments occurred and I have decided wheatgrass, as great a source it is for chlorophyll (because people obviously need to photosynthesise), is not for me. Perhaps, you will have a better experience with it.


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    Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that appears on the skin. It occurs when the immune system mistakes the skin cells as a pathogen, and sends out faulty signals that speed up the growth cycle of skin cells. Psoriasis is not contagious. However, psoriasis has been linked to an increased risk of stroke. Wheat grass has powerful anti-oxidants, phytochemicals and a complete range of nutrients that will not only detoxify your body. It has been argued that wheatgrass helps blood flow, and digestion. Wheatgrass is one of the natural cure for psoriasis.

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